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Speed is in our blood. For that matter, it's hardwired in our DNA. So it's only natural for us to want adrenaline-infused driving. But, like they say, with power comes responsibility. So to get your fix without risking a ticket (or worse), you just may want to look into autocross

So you've dreamed of competing in motorsports, Then autocross is the perfect place to start. Anyone with a car, a helmet, and a desire to drive to the limit can participate with minimal risk of self-injury or injury to the car. But while autocross can be immense fun, it's also a precision sport that can be incredibly frustrating when you take it up a notch.
The primary attractions of autocross is that it is an inexpensive way to get involved in motorsports. The potential for car damage is low because of low average speeds, lack of stationary physical obstacles, and lack of wheel-to-wheel racing.

Autocross events feature competitive driving on a closed course, with each driver trying to beat the clock for the lowest lap time. You don't need sponsors, a pit crew, special training, or a even a race car to compete. As a matter of fact, many guys "run what they brung," or "Daily Drivers" and autocross their butts off in their everyday, street-legal rides

Holley LS Fest

Here's Plain Jane running An Optima Qualifier 2014

I won the Southwest Goodguys Nationals November 2012! Popular Hot Rodding Gave me a sweet winners jacket (just 1 of 5 given out a year!)

I would like to thank the prize vendors Jet Hot, Ride Tech, Optima, BF Goodrich, Autometer and summit for the prizes and gift certificates!.. I finished the year as a Pro Driver and had a great time giving the big dogs a run for the money, next year will be loads of fun!!! I will go faster in 2013!

Here is Plain Jane in a Hotchkis Video At Del Mar 2012

heres the view from the car at Del Mar

My Little Racer is on the new Camaro Performers video!
awesome to see Plain Jane (1sickT8) on other movies
here's a Link to it
Plain Jane (1sickT8) at Run To The Coast

Here's my 68 Camaro Plain Jane (1sickT8) at GoodGuys

Onboard 1sickT8 Good Guys Autocross

How it started for me

This is my little spot on the web about my adventure into Auto-crossing with a Classic 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Rally sport and anything else that I can pass along to help you get started

I came across an empty shell of a car in 2007 for 100 dollars and I thought to myself, there's not much left of this rusty bucket, so i will add big wheels, motor, suspension, brakes and hell lets go race this bucket

the problem is the fact that these cars (1st Gen camaros) were horrible handlers in stock form, due to several factors:

*Poor A-arm geometry (virtually no negative camber)
*Springs that were too tall (high center of gravity)
*Tiny front sway bar, no rear sway bar (no resistance to roll in a turn)
*cheap shocks (poor ride quality)
*to narrow rims
*Drum brakes (even the front disc brakes were grossly inadequate for the weight of the car and the speed it could attain)

1968 Camaro Plain Jane (1sickt8)

That's really the car as I rolled it out of a crusty garage!! in August 2007
Thanks for coming to my site

and here is the same car at GoodGuys Pleasanton Auto X in 2009

1968 Camaro Plain Jane (1sickt8)

and here is the same car at GoodGuys Pleasanton Auto X in 2010

1968 Camaro named Plain Jane (1sickT8)

Heres my car Plain Jane at Run To The Coast 2011

1968 Camaro Plain Jane (1sickt8)

And Plain Jane playing in Del Mar 2012

1968 Camaro named Plain Jane (1sickT8)

Plain Jane in Del Mar 2013!


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